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The Hillary Clinton campaign is getting a bit nervous heading into Sunday night's third Democratic debate in South Carolina, Ed Henry explained on The Real Story.

He noted that this is the second time in a row that the party is holding a weekend night debate, not an ideal spot for high ratings.

Henry, reporting from New Hampshire, said that the Clinton campaign is struggling right now, as Bernie Sanders surges in the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire.

"How do we know that? Well, she's now done five interviews with MSNBC in the last two weeks alone," said Henry, adding that it stems from growing concern that progressives are moving toward the Vermont senator. 

Meantime, the Clinton campaign is upset about Sanders' new ad in which he accuses the former First Lady of being too cozy with Wall Street. 

They accused Sanders of violating his pledge not to run negative ads. 

Asked about the ad by Henry, Sanders joked that the Clinton campaign is "going to be mad at me for a long time."

Henry noted that influential South Carolina Sen. Jim Clyburn (D) said if Sanders wins Iowa and New Hampshire by big margins, it could be a "new day" in the Dem race.

Watch Ed's full report above.

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