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One St. Louis dad politely turned down his 6-year-old son’s request for an advance on his allowance in a very authentic-looking “bank” letter.

The memo was printed under official letterhead from the Bank of “DAD.”

A closer look reveals its slogan: “Because, apparently I look like I’m made of money.”

In the letter, the father explains that he’s racked up more than $80 on “discretionary entertainment expenses since Christmas.”

And “after reviewing your account, we have find [sic] you have insufficient funds, and a history of not doing your chores,” it read.

“We cannot further compound the problem by financially assisting with occurring further debt at this point.”

“If you would like to refute this decision, you can contact our complaint department,” the dad concludes. He then offers up “Mom’s number.”

The letter has now been viewed on image-sharing site Imgur more than 4 million times, with several commenters weighing in: “This man knows how to parent.”

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