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A husband and wife from the small town of Munford, Tennessee, is claiming one of the three winning tickets from Wednesday night's $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot.

John Robinson and his wife Lisa say they purchased the ticket at Naifeh's Food Mart, near their home. It was reported Thursday morning that there were three winning tickets: one in Tennessee and two others in Florida and California.

The Robinsons will be taking the lump-sum, John told reporters this afternoon.

"Because we're not guaranteed tomorrow."

John says they are still working out exactly how much that would be.

The Robinsons, who went on the "Today Show" this morning to show off the winning ticket, stand to win a prize of more than $533 million. If they choose the lump-sum payment, they would take home $327.8 million after taxes.

The couple this afternoon brought the ticket to lottery officials after their media appearance. They explained that their lawyer advised them to go public first.

John, a father of two, said he always buys four quick-pick tickets when he plays the lottery to represent the four members of his family.

Lisa said she loves her job, and still plans to be at work Monday and that the family has no plans to move out of Munford.

John said when he got home Wednesday night with the tickets he wasn't feeling good. When the numbers were drawn, his wife was watching, while he had fallen asleep.

"I went running down the hallway. 'John, John, you gotta check these numbers!'" Lisa recalled. 

John said he checked the numbers several times, but wasn't going to believe it until he heard on the news that there was a winning ticket in Tennessee.

Needless to say, the couple didn't get much sleep that night.

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