This Couple from a Small TN Town Says They Won the $1.6B Powerball

WATCH: Restaurant Staffers Think They Won Powerball - for 20 Minutes

Celebrations broke out at a nursing home in Pomona, Calif., as reports emerged that a 62-year-old nurse there had just won part of the $1.6 billion Powerball jackpot.

Now, it turns out that the news was nothing more than a cruel prank – played by none other than the woman’s son!

The woman who believed she'd struck gold is now so embarrassed, she's asking reporters not to identify her.

Reporters started to show up Thursday at Park Avenue Health Care and Wellness Center as word quickly spread about the nurse who had won. 

The owner of the nursing home called the prank “despicable,” and vowed to send her on an all-expenses-paid vacation, Happening Now reported.

Meanwhile, reports of hoax winners are popping up everywhere, officials say.

“I never would’ve thought I’d spend half my day trying to shoot down all these crazy stories about how they won,” a California State Lottery spokesman told The Los Angeles Times.

Meantime, a Tennessee couple just claimed one of the three lucky tickets, and have said they will be taking the yet undetermined lump-sum payment. Another winning ticket was purchased at a 7-Eleven in Chino Hills, Calif., but the winner has not come forward.

Huge crowds turned up at the store Wednesday night to celebrate with the store's owner for selling the winning ticket.

Watch more in the local report, above.

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