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Mom Leaves Baby in Car Reeking of Pot

A woman in labor was reportedly refused a ride by an Uber driver as she went into labor.

According to Fortune, the New York City mother-to-be vomited on the sidewalk as the Uber vehicle arrived, so the driver told them he could not transport them three miles to the hospital. 

David Lee, 37, recalled that the driver said he would lose $1,000 a day if his wife vomited inside the car and that other Uber drivers also wouldn't transport a woman in labor.

Lee said he, his wife and their birthing coach begged the driver, but he still refused, before charging them $13 for his lost time. The money has since been refunded by Uber.

As the couple stood desperate on the sidewalk, a different Uber driver agreed to bring them to the hospital.

Fortunately, the baby was born a few hours later and everything turned out OK. 

Uber said in a statement that the driver's actions were "unacceptable" and against its "code of conduct" and has apologized.

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