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If you're a parent, you know the feeling...

A possibly sleep-deprived father in the UK is making headlines for a hilarious Facebook post in which he offered his son up to others as a "priceless toddler alarm clock." 

Kevin Davies wrote, "Priceless alarm need to set ur alarm for work at 6am because u will already be up at 5.30am with this little one. Breakfast? No problem, he will have you making toast 5.35am to start your day on a nice full belly."

He added that if his one-year-old "alarm clock," Archie, ever fails, he has backups in his two other kids, aged nine and four. 

Davies, of Liverpool, told ABC News that the post was obviously a joke, but Archie's early-rising is a daily reality. 

"I was putting it out there so other people could react to it, but I didn’t expect the attention it received. People in Liverpool have a good sense of humor, so I was kind of hoping they'd take it that way," he said.

Davies added that his son is a "joy" and that he never has to worry about showing up late for work.

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