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In the first federal lawsuit of its kind, the widow of an American government contractor who was killed in a terrorist attack in Jordan is now suing Twitter for letting ISIS spread its propaganda online.

Tamara Fields is the widow of Lloyd “Carl” Fields Jr.


Officials say that he was working in Amman, Jordan, when a local so-called “lone wolf” police officer opened fire at a training center in November, killing him and four others.

According to court documents, Fields argues that “the explosive growth of ISIS” would not have been possible without Twitter.

But Judge Andrew Napolitano gave his take on Shepard Smith Reporting today, saying that the case “is fruitless and frivolous.”

“It’s fruitless because it is impossible to prove,” he explained.

“Statements like ‘without Twitter, ISIS wouldn’t have grown to the size that it has,’ there’s really no way to prove that.”

In order to hold Twitter liable, Fields would have to prove “that the crazy ‘lone wolf’ Jordanian cop, who is secretly an ISIS member, was actually motivated by a Twitter feed that he read,” said the judge.

“And would not have killed her husband, but for what she read. That is an impossible proof.”

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