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In his final State of the Union address Tuesday night, President Obama declared that anyone who claims America's "economy is in decline is peddling fiction."

He argued that many Americans feel "anxious" because the economy has been "changing in profound ways." 

Sean Hannity argued that the president is the one "peddling fiction" about the state of the U.S. economy.

He showed a series of statistics to back up the argument. 

Median household income is basically unchanged since 2009...


The labor participation rate is near a 40-year low...


Meantime, the number of Americans dependent on the government has surged...


And the poverty rate has climbed by 17 percent since 2008...


The national debt has risen 77 percent under the Obama administration to nearly $19 trillion. 


Watch the full segment above, as Hannity assesses the "Real State of the Union" with Geraldo Rivera and Laura Ingraham.

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