HIGHLIGHTS: Trump & Cruz Clash Over Natural-Born Citizenship at GOP Debate

Analysts React to Fox Business GOP Debates

During a live, post-debate "Kelly File," a focus group of 26 South Carolina Republican voters overwhelmingly said that Ted Cruz was the big winner of the Fox Business Network GOP debate.

Cruz was particularly praised by the participants for his back-and-forth with Donald Trump over his natural-born citizenship.

"He handled him," one woman said. "It was really evident that he was capable of taking the hit and handling it and turning Donald around on himself."

Other participants described Cruz as "eloquent," "level-headed" and "engaging."

Another of the highest-dialed moments of the debate was when Cruz reacted to Iran detaining ten U.S. Navy sailors, vowing that any nation that captures our fighting men and women "will feel the full force and fury of the United States of America."

Watch more from the focus group above.

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