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Just hours after Iran released ten U.S. sailors who apparently had drifted into their territorial waters, Secretary of State John Kerry praised the Iranians for "their cooperation and quick response."

On "Hannity" tonight, State Department spokesman John Kirby acknowledged that Iran is a state sponsor of terror and a regime that cannot be trusted.

Then why would Kerry thank them for releasing sailors that never should have been taken in the first place? Sean Hannity asked.

Kirby explained that the Iranians worked quickly on the diplomatic side to secure the release of the sailors.

"That's what we should really be focused on now, that they're safe and they're sound and none of them were hurt," Kirby argued.

Hannity pointed out that right after the sailors' release, the Iranian government was using footage from the incident as a propaganda tool, including images of sailors on their knees with their hands behind their heads and a video showing a sailor apologizing.

Kirby said they were purely focused on using the new connection with Iran - following Obama's nuclear agreement - to secure their release, and they are still investigating the incident and fallout.

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