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There's no denying the country has Powerball fever.

And people living in the five states not participating in the record $1.5 billion-jackpot lottery aren't letting that stop them from snatching up tickets.

In the California towns of Primm and Baker, Nevada residents are lining up for hours just for the 1 in 292.2 million chance to hit the jackpot.

Rick Leventhal reported that vendors are selling 20 million tickets an hour. Last night they were selling as many as 370,000 tickets every single minute.

But even though the chances are incredibly slim, an economist at Fordham University said you might as well buy a ticket.

"You're buying hope for $2, and you can't really buy anything else for $2," Professor Giacomo Santangelo said.

Watch the report on all the Powerball pandemonium above.

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