WATCH: Iran Releases Video of U.S. Sailor Apologizing During Detention

Peters: Very Good Chance U.S. Sailors 'Were Lured into Iranian Waters'

Should the U.S. Navy sailor have apologized to Iranian authorities while being detained?

That’s the main question circulating after Tehran broadcasted video of an American sailor saying sorry for an alleged incursion into Iranian waters.

Administration officials insist that there has been no official apology from the U.S. to Iran.

The Pentagon cautioned that it's unclear what kind of pressure the sailor was under during the video, Fox News' Jennifer Griffin reported.

Fox News’ military analyst Chuck Nash reacted to the news on The Real Story this afternoon, saying that while no one knows what truly happened, he does not agree with the sailor apologizing.

“There are far too many unanswered questions at this point,” noted Nash, a retired U.S. Navy Captain.

“What really happened out there? Were they horribly navigating off-course? Were they supposed to be out there? Were they out there skylarking? Were they on a mission?”

While so far it appears that all went according to protocol – Iranian forces may have been trying to prove a point, he said.

“This is a country that we’re not at war with,” Nash pointed out. “So it should have been handled exactly the way it was handled – if we violated their waters.”

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