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A mother whose police officer son was killed by a drunk-driving illegal immigrant is disappointed President Obama didn't address illegal immigration head-on during his State of the Union.

Obama only said in last night's address that he would continue trying to fix the nation's "broken immigration system."

Mary Ann Mendoza said on Fox and Friends that she was hoping for some kind of acknowledgment from the president that there's a "big problem" with the nation's border with Mexico.

"Our politicians can't even take a stance and say the word 'illegal immigrant,' much less enforce our borders," Mendoza said.

She called out Hillary Clinton for vowing not to use the term "illegal immigrant" again.

"Is she running for president of Mexico or the United States?" Mendoza said.

Mendoza then said why she's supporting Donald Trump in this presidential election.

"Donald Trump's stances are resonating with American people because hes' not afraid to say the thing that each and every one of us thinks, feels and knows is a fact. And other politicians are just too afraid to say these things because of offending illegal immigrants."

People who want to help families who have lost loved ones to illegal immigrants can visit the ​​Sgt Brandon Mendoza Memorial Foundation.

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