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The 10 U.S. Navy sailors who were intercepted by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard after mistakenly crossing into Iranian waters have now been released, the Pentagon confirmed this morning.

But as Americans nationwide breathe a collective sigh of relief, retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters said today there is also "one intriguing piece of evidence” to bear in mind.

“The Iranians … reportedly kept the GPS gear to show that they were truly in Iranian waters,” he said.

“Well, that put me in mind of what happened a couple years ago, when the Iranians spoofed GPS coordinates to bring down one of our drones in Iran.”

Location tracking devices are crucial in situations like these, he noted.

“And I would say that there is a very good chance – we do not know, but a very good chance – the Iranian revolutionary guards spoofed, or jimmied, the GPS coordinates for that boat,” said Peters.

“I do suspect, based on the limited evidence so far, that these guys were lured into Iranian waters.”

What are your views? Watch Peters lay out his theory of what happened in the full interview, above.

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