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Greg Gutfeld reacted to tonight's record-breaking $1.5 billion Powerball drawing, arguing that people ignore the terrible odds because of wishful thinking.

He pointed out that the government similarly tells U.S. citizens not to worry about a terror attack, even though you are ten times more likely to die by terrorism than you are to hit the Powerball jackpot.

"'If you worry, you're stupid,' says the government," Gutfeld remarked. "'So go play the lotto instead, you dumb people.'"

He added that the lottery is gambling, which he's for. What he's not for, he explained, is the hypocrisy of a government that promotes a numbers racket, but then goes after fantasy football.

"A real lotto would offer not just a prize, but, for me, a consequence," Gutfeld said. "Would you play it if there was a risk of death? What if you could buy a winning ticket, or a toxic one, a deadly one?"

"At least that's a cost we might understand."

Watch the "Five" co-hosts discuss above.

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