'Prepare Yourself': Terror Expert Says Fighting ISIS Now 'Up to American People'

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Counterterrorism expert Dr. Sebastian Gorka blasted President Obama for last night appearing to downplay the threat of ISIS, saying that the president “is living in a fantasyland” while jihadist activity in America soars.

Obama in yesterday’s State of the Union address said that ISIS does “not threaten our national existence.”

“No ‘existential threat’? Really?” said Gorka. “Ask the 6 million people who now live on ISIS territory. Ask the people who’ve been decapitated, crucified, or burnt alive. Ask the people who went to that Christmas party in San Bernardino.”

In a wide-ranging interview today with Jenna Lee, Gorka said that his FBI sources “are adamant – in the last calendar year, in 2015, we had more jihadist activity in America than we have ever seen since 9/11.”

“This isn’t about ‘whack-a-mole,’” said Gorka, a distinguished chair of military theory at Marine Corps University.

“These are ideologically-driven threat groups that wish to destroy us. And whether he doesn’t like it, is irrelevant.”

Watch Gorka’s full analysis on Happening Now, above.

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