Video, Transcript: Nikki Haley Responds to President Obama's Final SOTU Address

President Obama Delivers Final SOTU Address

Dana Loesch and Robert Zimmerman clashed on "The Kelly File" tonight over DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz's assertion that Nikki Haley was only chosen to deliver the GOP's SOTU response because she's a woman.

Zimmerman argued that Wasserman Schultz was trying to point out that the Republican Party has a diversity problem. He said that putting Haley in front of the nation doesn't fix that problem, since the GOP's policies aren't changing.

Loesch countered that it speaks for itself that Democrats, not Republicans, have a lack of diversity among their 2016 presidential candidates.

She explained that from race to age to ethnicity to gender, it's the GOP candidates who are a diverse group, compared to "two elderly white individuals": Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Zimmerman said it's not about the candidates' backgrounds, but what policies they're advocating. He argued that Democrats are the ones who have policies that are pro-diversity and pro-woman, pointing to efforts to close the wage gap.

"Don’t sit here and say that you’re empowering women by giving them the choice to go out and do whatever they want as a profession, and then when they don’t choose according to your patriarchal will, Robert, then penalize them for making less on the dollar," Loesch fired back. "That’s crap."

Watch the fiery segment above.

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