Warning: Video contains some profanity.

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An animal rescue group in St. Louis arrived just in time to rescue a puppy who'd gotten herself stuck inside a pipe in freezing conditions.

Randy Grim recorded video of the rescue in a hazardous and abandoned old home. After finding two of the puppies, they heard the yipping of a third, only to discover her lodged completely in the pipe section.

They got her out safely, along with four of her siblings.

"Yesterday was unforgettable on many fronts, but the pup in the pipe….well, it blew us away," he wrote on the website for his organization, Stray Rescue.

They appear to be a Border Collie mix and are currently being cared for at the shelter. But the group is looking for donations and foster or permanent homes.


Last 3 of the day rescued. They are too cute! Foster,adopt or donate strayrescue.org to help all the kids rescued from the streets today

Posted by Randy Grim on Sunday, January 10, 2016

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