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Protesters went up on stage right next to Sen. Ted Cruz at a Second Amendment rally in New Hampshire moments ago.

The men were apparently objecting to Cruz's positions on gun rights, Happening Now reported.

Reporters at the rally quickly pointed out on social media how easily the men were able to get to the senator. 

One of the protesters stood next to Cruz and yelled out to the crowd, "Why are you so confused?" 

Another protester reportedly told the audience they were "weird and sad" for supporting the Second Amendment.

After the men were escorted off the stage without incident, Cruz joked that the "Bernistas are out in force," a reference to Bernie Sanders' supporters.

Cruz told the protesters they were welcome to listen in the audience but needed to leave the stage, saying, "I understand you're very confused."

"Did he not get the memo, Live Free or Die?" said Cruz. 

Watch the incident above and hear from Sen. Cruz tonight on a special 11:00pm ET Kelly File after the State of the Union address.

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