Video, Transcript: Nikki Haley Responds to President Obama's Final SOTU Address

President Obama Delivers Final SOTU Address

President Obama's final State of the Union address was more like "a state of denial," Ted Cruz said on "The Kelly File" tonight.

The Republican presidential contender told Megyn Kelly that he's not surprised that the president didn't mention the ten U.S. sailors held by Iran during his speech.

He said the fact that Iran felt comfortable seizing U.S. sailors and ships goes to show the "incredible weakness" of Obama's foreign policy.

“Bullies and tyrants across the world are not afraid of this president, don’t respect this president," Cruz said. "And it’s made the world much, much more dangerous.”

The Texas senator added that as out of touch as Obama has been on the economy and jobs, he's been even worse on national security.

Cruz called it "stunning" that the address had zero mentions of the terror attacks in Paris or San Bernardino.

"We need a commander-in-chief who will speak the name of our enemy - neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton is willing to do so - and who will do what it takes to defeat ... radical Islamic terrorism."

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