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Heroic Surfer Saves 2 Teens from Drowning in Lake Michigan Rip Current

“I can’t wait to get back out there.”

That was the first thing Garrett McNamara said on "Fox and Friends" this morning, after surviving what some are calling the "gnarliest" surfing wipeout ever captured on video.

The professional surfer recounted the moment he wiped out on a massive, 50-foot wave, prompting a dramatic rescue that would later take him to hospital.

“You never really know how big the wave is going to be when you get on it,” said McNamara.

“When I hit the water … I hit so hard, it was like a crack of lightning went off … I play it over in my mind over and over again.”

The surfer says he can’t really remember what happened next as he plunged underwater, two rescue team officers venturing out several times to haul him back to safety.

He gave thanks to those officers today, and for the outpour of support since his accident.

“There’s so much love and so much support from the whole world. I’m just thankful to everybody for sending me positive thoughts,” said McNamara.

“It’ll be a couple months, and I’ll be back out there.”

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