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An adorable 4-year-old boy from Wisconsin will be Paul Ryan’s special guest at tonight’s State of the Union.

Little Logan Barritt sprung to national attention last year for asking to use his allowance to send care packages to soldiers overseas.

This morning, he and his mom and dad sat down on “Happening Now” to share their incredible story.

It all started with “some pocket change from Grandpa,” explained Becky Barritt.

But when it came time to deposit the money, little Logan surprised his parents when “he said he didn’t want to put it in his piggy bank.”

“Instead, he wanted to give it to the soldiers, because their job’s not very fun,” said Becky. “So he wanted to give them something fun.”

“You don’t expect to hear that out of a 4-year-old,” said Logan’s father, Nick Barritt.

“We actually didn’t think he said the ‘soldiers’ at first, we thought he said ‘shoulders,” he added, smiling.

Word of Logan’s good deed soon spread fast as Nick and Becky decided to share his campaign on Facebook.

They ended up putting together no less than 17 packages, “filled to the brim” with “suggestions of things that were most requested from soldiers overseas,” said Becky.

Little Logan even got to pick out some of the items, like cards and pen dispensers, he told Jenna Lee.

Watch more above, and don’t miss our special State of the Union coverage tonight anchored by Bret Baier, at 8:55pm ET.

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