Gutfeld: GOP Should Ignore Bill Clinton, Focus on Hillary's 'Incompetence'

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In her "Off the Record" commentary tonight, Greta Van Susteren ripped the 2016 presidential candidates for failing to put the "disgusting" level of government waste at the top of their priorities lists.

Greta pointed out that Hillary Clinton wants to raise taxes on the big earners.

"What about the billions and billions of dollars our government wastes year after year?" Greta asked, calling on candidates to request an honest audit of government programs.

She asserted that one of the most dire economic situations facing the U.S. is politicians' gross mishandling of the government and tax dollars.

"Politicians have a cavalier attitude about your money. And when they run out, they either demand more from you in taxes or they just borrow more, putting us all in greater debt," Greta said.

She concluded that she hopes President Obama makes it a priority in his final year in office to find out where all the money is going and not ask for any more until he and the rest of our elected officials get to the bottom of it.

"Yeah, I know. Fat chance."

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