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Donald Trump sat down on “The Tonight Show” last night for a hilarious "job interview" with Jimmy Fallon.

The segment, shown in “The Five’s” discussion today, opens with Fallon dishing out the usual icebreaker: “Tell me a little bit about yourself.”

“Well, I’m an extraordinarily handsome person,” Trump responds. “I have a beautiful head of hair.”

The segment sent the crowd into laughter and got some smiles all around.

But this enthusiasm from the audience, Juan Williams noted, rang in stark contrast to some of the other moments on the show.

“The audience, by the way, was pretty antagonistic to him,” said Williams. “And then the subsequent guests made fun of him.”

He commended the GOP presidential front-runner for being a good sport, even in “not friendly territory for him.”

Eric Bolling concurred. “How much would you love to have Hillary Clinton come on this network and ask her some questions?” he pointed out.

Kimberly Guilfoyle said that Clinton has repeatedly been asked for an interview.

But instead, the Democratic presidential candidate days ago elected to once again appear on “The Ellen Show” – what Greg Gutfeld later called “a home game.”

“Show some intestinal fortitude and show up,” said Bolling.

What are your views? Watch more of the discussion, above.

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