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Ten U.S. Navy sailors were detained on Tuesday by Iranian Revolutionary Guard forces when one of their boats apparently became disabled in the Persian Gulf.

Pentagon officials said the incident occurred near Farsi Island in the Gulf when one of the sailors' two small boats had mechanical trouble, causing one or both to run aground.

The sailors were then picked up by Iran and taken to the island. But it is unclear where they are now.

Iranian authorities have reportedly assured the U.S. of the sailors' “safety and well-being” and said they “will promptly be allowed to continue their journey.”

On "Special Report" tonight, Charles Krauthammer said the story is not that the Iranians are up to no good - which is a 30-year-old story - but the fact that the U.S. is doing nothing in response.

"It is appeasement of the highest order," Krauthammer said. "The whole point of the Iranian nuclear deal was to constrain the action of the Iranians."

He said that the deal, in fact, has self-deterred the U.S. from answering any Iranian provocation.

Krauthammer pointed to incidents such as the illegal Iranian missile launches in October and November. He noted that the Obama administration has failed to impose any sanctions in response.

He added that there was no response to the sentencing of a Washington Post reporter held in Iran nor to the detention of two other Iranian-Americans.

"No action, only excuses. And we are, within a couple of weeks, going to give them $150 billion with which to make mischief and to capture more Americans at sea."

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