Nassau County police officers engage in heroic fire rescue. Thinking on their feet, fifth precinct police officers James...

Posted by Nassau County PBA on Sunday, January 10, 2016

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Police officers who were on the scene before firefighters could arrive rushed to rescue people from a burning building in West Hempstead, New York, saving the lives of at least six people, including children.

Now, those officers are being commended for their quick thinking and heroism, as video of the dramatic rescue quickly circulates.

The fire had broken out at a furniture store, leaving people trapped and hanging out from their windows, “America’s Newsroom” reported.

Nassau County police officers were not about to stand by and watch.

Two fifth precinct officers “commandeered a ladder from a nearby construction site to rescue two people from a second story window,” according to the Nassau County Police Benevolent Association.

Meanwhile, two more officers managed to save an additional four people trapped inside the back of the building, two of whom were children, said the PBA.

Firefighters then arrived to continue evacuating people and put out the flames.

Incredibly, only minor injuries were reported, said Martha MacCallum.

Watch the exceptional scene, above.

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