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Fox News Contributor Katie Pavlich said on America's Newsroom that Hillary Clinton must answer for her role in former President Bill Clinton's scandals, calling her "one of the world's most infamous enablers of abusive and powerful men."

Pavlich said: "The bottom line is when you talk to Kathleen Wiley, when you talk to Juanita Broaddrick and the whole laundry list of other women who were victims of Bill Clinton's sexual abuse and assault, they will tell you...this was also about Hillary Clinton in the White House taking extra steps to assassinate their character and drag them through the mud."

The remarks earned Pavlich a shout-out from GOP frontrunner Donald Trump on Twitter.

Democratic consultant Mary Anne Marsh responded that Clinton did what most spouses would have done, which is to defend her husband from attacks until she found out the truth.

"Once she found out the truth about his actions, and she found out what just about everybody else did, she no longer defended him, nor did she criticize his accusers after that day," Marsh said. "That makes her a human being like everybody else."

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