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In years past, any New York City high school student likely would have been suspended for being caught with marijuana.

But now, thanks to a controversial new program launched by Mayor Bill de Blasio, that’s no longer the norm.

A student at the Adlai Stevenson High School complex was recently busted with a staggering seven baggies of marijuana.

His punishment? A “warning card.”

Instead of facing suspension, the student was asked simply to talk it over with his parents at home, The New York Post reported.

He’s not the only one. The city’s new discipline code, which curbs the penalties for students now caught with the illegal possession of marijuana, is being tested at as many as 37 high schools.

One student even caught red-handed smoking pot in the bathroom also walked away with just a slap on the wrist, according to the Post.

“This is the brave new world of school discipline in New York City, where unruly kids rule,” it wrote.

Several teachers now say that students “‘know they can get away with anything,’” according to the paper.

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