McCaul Says Shooter of Philly Officer Acted on ISIS Orders from Syria

Philly Mayor: ISIS-Inspired Cop Shooting 'Had Nothing to Do With Any Faith'

Philadelphia police officers are now patrolling in groups of two after a gunman ambushed and opened fire on Officer Jesse Hartnett inside his marked cruiser.

Police have said that the suspect, Edward Archer, carried out the shooting “in the name of Islam.”

But authorities in Philadelphia now say they are also investigating a tip indicating that Archer was part of a larger gang of four specifically targeting police officers.

The tip also suggested that Friday’s gunman was somehow one of the less radicalized members of this group, Heather Nauert said on “Fox and Friends.”

Whether there are grounds to this claim remains to be seen.

Rick Leventhal reported on “The Real Story” that the tip had come from a woman who stopped a cop on the street on Saturday and told him that the threat was not over.

Unfortunately, however, this statement is reportedly commonly made to police officers – and so far, there’s been nothing to suggest that this threat is credible, said Leventhal.

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