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During an Iowa bus tour campaign stop, Ted Cruz had a tough message for a woman who voiced concern that she'd be deported if he followed through on a pledge to undo Obama's executive actions on immigration on "day one."

Ofelia Valdez, a 30-year-old special needs worker and activist, said she had benefited from President Obama's Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

"I think of myself as a part of this community and you know, first day of presidency, you decide to deport, you know, people like myself, you know, it's just very difficult," said Valdez, her voice nearly breaking.

Cruz listened with a sympathetic expression, then responded that "violating the law has consequences."

Cruz: "I would know that if you're a DACA recipient it means you were brought here illegally, and that violating the law has consequences. And one of the problems with our broken immigration system is that it is creating human tragedies. And there are human tragedies when people break the law. But I can tell you what the law is and on every country on Earth. If I illegally emigrate to England or Germany or France or China or Mexico, and they catch me, they will deport me. That’s what every other country on Earth does, and there’s no reason that America’s laws should have less respect than the laws of every other country on Earth. We should welcome people who come following the laws, but there are consequences for breaking the laws, and that is part of what makes America the nation that we are."

The crowd applauded after he spoke. Read more about the event here.

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