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Skier Survives Terrifying 1,600-Ft Plunge Down Mountain

Meteorologist Rick Reichmuth took a spill live on Fox and Friends Weekend after he attempted to go off a small ski jump while talking to the camera.

It happened during a segment live from Lake Tahoe on ski tips for experienced skiers with instructor Mike Allen.

Rick skied down the slope with ease, but lost control upon landing after hitting the bump. He let out a frustrated yell as he went down, losing a ski in the process.

"So that was my decision to try to do a jump right there on TV. That was a bad decision," he said afterwards, with a laugh.

Tucker Carlson said: "You just ate it on TV and kept talking. If there's something more fun than morning television, I haven't done it. Amazing."

At the end of the show, the determined Rick took another stab at the jump and nailed it! Watch below.

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