Philly Mayor: ISIS-Inspired Cop Shooting 'Had Nothing to Do With Any Faith'

Suspect ID'ed After ISIS-Inspired Cop Ambush; Was 'Hearing Voices'

Last night, the hosts of The Five reacted to the Philadelphia mayor downplaying the role of Islam in motivating a man to open fire on a police officer on Thursday.

Eric Bolling said: "If you kill in the name of Islam, you're an Islamic terrorist. It doesn't matter if ISIS recognizes you or not, it is what it is."

Kimberly Guilfoyle said Mayor Jim Kenney's words could undermine a prosecutor's case, as they appear to run contrary to what the police just stated.

"You have people out there who could potentially be in the jury pool," she said, and Kenney appears to be acting "almost like a spokesperson for the religion."

Watch the full discussion above.

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