He 'Tried to Execute' Him: Philly Police Officer Survives Ambush

PHOTOS: Man Who Attacked Philly Police Officer Acted 'In Name of Islam'

Texas Rep. Mike McCaul this afternoon addressed last night’s horrifying attack on a Philadelphia police officer, saying that in his view, the shooter appeared to be taking orders from ISIS in Syria.

“When you look at the Internet activity coming out of Raqqa, Syria, into the United States every day – 200,000 tweets per day – the message is clear,” said McCaul, chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security.

That message is to “‘kill military, attack military installations, and kill police officers,’” he said.

“It’s in my judgment that this individual’s carrying out these directives – these orders, if you will – coming out of Raqqa, Syria, from ISIS.”

So far, McCaul’s address goes further than what officials in Philadelphia have been willing to say, Steve Doocy reported on “The Real Story.”

Police said this afternoon that the suspect, 30-year-old Edward Archer, had committed the shooting “in the name of Islam.”

Archer allegedly ambushed Officer Jesse Hartnett in his patrol car on Thursday, firing multiple times from a stolen police gun.

While officials say he appears to have pledged allegiance to ISIS, they have stopped short of saying he conspired with the Islamic State on Thursday’s attack.

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