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President Obama sat down for a town hall meeting to make the case for his executive actions on gun control. 

Taking questions from some pro-gun advocates, like Taya Kyle and Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu, Obama lashed out at the NRA repeatedly. 

Obama said that the NRA has led the effort to convince Americans that stricter gun laws will mean that "somebody is going to come get your guns."

He also said that the NRA was invited to the event and has been invited to the White House for talks many times, but consistently refuses. 

Megyn Kelly asked Chris Cox, executive director of NRA Institute for Legislative Action, about that comment and much more in a Kelly File exclusive.

Cox said that the NRA was invited to the town hall, but would have only been allowed to ask one pre-screened question. 

He added that he doesn't see a need to meet with the president separately. 

"He's supported every gun control proposal that's ever been made. He doesn't support the individual right to own a firearm. ... So what are we gonna talk about? Basketball?" Cox asked.

He accused the president of pushing for gun control to create an "illusion" that he's doing something to keep Americans safe.

"He needs to do that because his policies failed miserably. He saw that in San Bernardino when we had a terrorist attack. This president didn’t use it as an opportunity to unite this country. Didn’t use it as an opportunity to lay out a plan to defeat terrorism. He used it as an opportunity to impose more gun control on law-abiding Americans," said Cox.

Obama has argued that the country should try to reduce gun deaths in the same way it tries to cut down on car accidents or make sure children can't get into medicine bottles.

"This president would have the American people believe that in order to love your children, you have to hate your firearm. That's not only offensive, it's disgusting," said Cox. 

Watch the full interview above.

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