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The bacteria contamination that shut down Blue Bell ice cream facilities last year and brought sales to a halt is still at its home plant in Texas, according to reports.

Fox 4 reports that listeria has been found at a facility in Brenham, Texas.

The company released this following statement:

“We have identified locations where suspected Listeria species may be present in our facility, and we continue to extensively clean and sanitize those areas and make additional enhancements to the facility and our procedures based on the environmental test results.”

The company is assuring customers that its products are still safe. It says that the listeria was not found in areas where ice cream is made, and that employees are now working to decontaminate the space.

Blue Bell recalled its products in April after the discovery of 10 listeria cases across four states, including three deaths in Kansas. Listeria infections are linked to serious illnesses, particularly among pregnant women and older adults.

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