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The monkey who filed a lawsuit (with PETA's help) over his famous selfie will not be getting the photo rights. 

The case, highlighted recently on "The Kelly File" as the Most Ridiculous Lawsuit of 2015, came about after a macaque snapped a picture of himself with a British photographer's camera.

PETA then filed a copyright lawsuit on behalf of the monkey, saying the proceeds should go to 6-year-old Naruto and help other macaques in Sulawesi, Indonesia, where the selfie occurred.

A federal judge disagreed. 

U.S. District Judge William Orrick said in a tentative opinion Wednesday that while Congress and the president can extend the protection of law to animals as well as humans, there is no indication that they did so in the Copyright Act, AP reported.

The photographer, David Slater, asked the court to dismiss the lawsuit. The macaque inadvertently snapped the picture of himself in 2011 when Slater left his camera unattended.

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