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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke had some strong words on "Hannity" tonight for President Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party in the wake of Obama announcing his planned executive action on gun control.

"There is a rival group to the National Rifle Association. It’s called the Democratic Party," Clarke said. "They are anti-gun bigots. They are utterly intolerant of anyone else's view ... when it comes to the Second Amendment, the shooting sports and self-defense."

He said the proper way to address gun crime is to target criminals, not law-abiding gun owners.

Clarke said Obama knows that if he wants to go after the real perpetrators of gun crime in America, he would have to target "underclass, young, black males," who are disproportionately involved in violence.

"And he doesn't want to do that," Clarke said.

Clarke added that he wants as many law-abiding citizens to arm themselves as possible, as a legal gun owner could be the great equalizer in a deadly situation, such as the San Bernardino terror attack.

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