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After yesterday's fierce firefight involving U.S. Special Ops forces in Afghanistan, President Obama is being criticized for his previous claim that there were no American combat troops left there.

One American service member was killed and two more wounded in a gun battle with Taliban fighters in southern Afghanistan.

A rescue helicopter ended up being disabled as it flew in to rescue the American soldiers, leaving the forces - including Afghan soldiers - trapped for hours in a compound surrounded by the enemy.

The killed and wounded Americans have been evacuated, and no U.S. soldiers remain trapped, Jennifer Griffin reported this morning.

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.) reacted this morning on “America’s Newsroom," saying U.S. forces are "the Band-Aids holding that pretense of a country together" at this point.

“We have a president who’s more concerned with spinning than with winning,” he said, adding that Afghan forces remain incapable of standing up to the Taliban, while the president tries to convince Americans that combat in the country is over.

Critics have also been suggesting that there should be greater transparency in the actions of U.S. special operations forces, Peters noted.

“I’m hearing pundits saying, ‘Well, we need to know what’s going on.’ Well, no, you don’t. Special operators need to operate in secret,” he responded.

“What we need is a president who’s willing to level with the American people on the macro level,” said Peters. “And say, ‘Yes, this is a fight, and here’s why it’s worth fighting.’”

Watch more of his analysis above.

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