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A four-year-old boy earned kudos from Oklahoma City police after he treated them to pizza and coffee during a 16-hour standoff in the freezing cold.

Colt Vinson and his mother Jillian witnessed the scene while driving by last week. Colt asked if they could do something nice for them.

The mother and son, along with Officer Robert Gilmore of the Oklahoma City Police Department, joined Fox and Friends this morning.

Jillian said she asked Colt: "What do you want to get them?"

He replied: "I like pizza. Let's get them pizza."

So they approached Domino's and 7-11 who together offered to donate five pizzas and 52 cups of coffee.

The OKCPD was so touched that they posted a thank you on Facebook and gave Colt a special badge and bracelet.


We'd like to thank little Colt and his family for donating 52 coffees and 5 pizzas to officers who were working extended...

Posted by Oklahoma City Police Department on Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Officer Gilmore said the officers received many offers of support from citizens that day, but having it come from a child was special.

"It makes our job that much more rewarding to know that citizens appreciate us, and that there are parents out there still instilling values into their children of respect of authority and teachers...and you can see it coming through in this young man."

Jillian said she thinks children should be brought up to see law enforcement officers as friends, not enemies.

"Because when they need help that's who they need to run to first."

The standoff ended peacefully with no one hurt, and suspect Daniel Harris was brought into custody.

Watch the segment above.

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