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A North Carolina pastor was able to calm a man who entered his church carrying a high-powered rifle during a New Year's Eve sermon.

The two prayed together and the man, a veteran who suffers from PTSD, stayed for the rest of the service.

One congregant said that when she first saw the rifle, she immediately thought about the Charleston church massacre that happened last year.

On Sunday, the man returned to the church to apologize for the scare he had caused, and said that his wife has just been diagnosed with a debilitating illness and the couple are in dire financial straits, which is making it hard for him to afford medication for PTSD.

Pastor Larry Wright joined Fox and Friends to share the incredible story. 

Wright said the man walked in about 30 minutes before midnight, carrying the rifle in one hand and an ammo clip in the other, immediately terrifying churchgoers. 

He said that he was the first one to see the man, and his first words to him were, "Can I help you?" 

The man, who had walked to the front of the church, then asked Wright to pray for him. 

Wright said he was ready to tackle the man if he felt there was a threat, but instead they prayed.

"He fell to his knees and began to cry and weep," said Wright, recalling that the man later said he was going to do "something bad" that night.

"It could've went either way. When I looked him in the eye, I saw a lonely person. I saw a person that was distraught. I saw a person that needed love, needed to feel cared for. I asked the police to stay out front, not to come into the sanctuary," said Wright.

He said when the sermon was finished, the man then "got up and gave his life to the Lord at the altar call." 

The man, who is not facing any charges, plans to come back on Sunday to be baptized.

Wright said the man has not been on his medication for three months and recently the electricity was turned off at his home.

Watch the full interview above and see more on the story, here.

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