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An Australian fisherman was nearly impaled by a huge marlin he reeled in while fishing with his pals off the country's southeastern coast.

Conor Cogan hooked the 200-pound striped marlin on the end of his line.

“We had only just hooked up so he was still green and pretty angry,’’ Cogan told The Newcastle Herald.

Warning: Video includes strong language.


Had a great day off Port Stephens yesterday on board " The Pump". Went 6-6-4 for the day and also had one come into the boat. Pretty much as close as it gets.

Posted by Conor Cogan on Friday, January 1, 2016

As it got near the boat the great fish suddenly speared overboard straight at the fisherman.

He ducked out of the way just in time. The fish spun around on his back and knocked him in the head with its tail before falling back into the sea.

The paper reports that the fish lived to see another day.

Cogan wrote on Facebook that the encounter was "pretty much as close as it gets."

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