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Donald Trump Jr. said on "Hannity" tonight that his father understands what the U.S. needs, and that's why he entered the presidential race and is dominating the polls.

"I think he was sick of being on the sidelines, watching a bunch of incompetents, in his mind. And in our world and our business world, these people wouldn’t last five minutes in real companies," Trump said.

He explained that his father is tired of our leaders making decisions that are costing future generations trillions of dollars and giving up the power that our country has built up.

As for some of his father's more controversial remarks, Trump said that he's simply saying the things that need to be said.

"They’re conversations that need to be had," Trump said. "They're conversations that haven't been had."

Trump added that politicians are too scared to bring those conversations up because they're terrified of offending a tiny fraction of the population. His father, however, doesn't have that problem, he explained.

"He's a straight-talking guy. He always has been."

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