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A routine test drive turned into a hellish nightmare for a Houston car salesman who barely escaped a kidnapping.

But thanks to quick thinking and some daring actions, 22-year-old Jose Martinez was able to turn the tables on his assailants and get out with minor scrapes and bruises.

Martinez said a man who looked a little "sketchy" asked to take a test drive on Monday evening at the Gillman Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram dealership.

As the man drove with Martinez in a Dodge Charger, two men in another car started tailing them.

Then, he said, the driver pulled over and the men all started hitting Martinez, eventually throwing him into the trunk.

Martinez knew just what to do. He called 911 and activated “Find my iPhone,” allowing his manager to locate him.

“I was in there for like five minutes and I thought, this is not going to happen, so I was already setting up my phone and I called the cops and let them know what car I was in, what description it was,” he told a local station.

When the car was stopped, Martinez said he popped the trunk and managed to grab an attacker's gun, then fired a round that struck one of them in the neck.

They drove off, leaving Martinez behind. Shortly after, police gave chase but the suspects eventually eluded them on foot.

Houston police were still looking for the suspects Tuesday evening.

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