Detainees Previously Deemed 'Significant Terrorists' Leaving Gitmo

Get a Whiff of This Putin-Scented Perfume

A new season of "Frontline" kicks off on PBS tonight with a two-hour documentary on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

"Netanyahu at War" takes a look at his rise to power through his rocky relationship with President Obama over the Iranian nuclear agreement.

The filmmaker behind the documentary, Michael Kirk, explained on "Happening Now" that the relationship between Netanyahu and Obama is rare in the history between the U.S. and Israel because the two men are so diametrically opposed.

Kirk said that Netanyahu has a very dark and pessimistic view, while Obama is an optimist and believes everybody can be rational and civil.

"When those two different kinds of men come together over issues like Iran and the bomb and the peace process with the Palestinians, fireworks eventuate," Kirk said.

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