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On Fox and Friends this morning, a Mississippi sheriff responded to the councilman who encouraged people to "throw rocks and bricks and bottles" at police officers.

Last week, Jackson Councilman Kenneth Stokes told reporters that police from surrounding jurisdictions put Jackson children in danger when they chase people at high speeds on neighborhood streets, and that throwing rocks and other objects would send the message that "we don't want you in here."

Sheriff Jim Johnson of Lee County said that message is unhelpful.

"The last thing that you need is individuals that want to harm law enforcement," he said. "The last thing you need from a to promote hatred and promote violence against law enforcement. Sometimes that's the only fire that an individual needs for it to get out of control."

Johnson said that in his 35 years of experience that he's never seen law enforcement officers being threatened the way they are now.

He said he would hold Stokes directly responsible for any attacks on himself or his officers.

"I can definitely tell you in Lee County that if any of my officers or myself are subjected to any type of harm in the way that Mr. Stokes said, not only are we going to look for the individual that did it, but I'm going after him as well."

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