Obama Wipes Away Tears During Address on Gun Control Actions

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Judge Andrew Napolitano reacted this afternoon to President Obama's emotional address from the White House on new gun control measures.

Obama announced executive actions, including one that will force "occasional gun sellers" to receive a federal license before transferring any firearms. 

Napolitano said that Obama has the authority to go ahead with several of his executive actions, but added that the president is effectively creating a new crime when it comes to "occasional gun sellers."

He explained that Congress has already rejected that proposal three times, "so [Obama] is attempting to rewrite laws."

The judge said the issue is not about whether a majority of the American people support the president's actions. 

"Under our system, his job is not to take a poll and then decide what laws he's going to write. His job is to enforce the laws that Congress has written," said Napolitano, adding that he believes the new regulations on gun dealers would not hold up in court if federal authorities attempt to prosecute someone.

The next president could ignore the new regulations or choose to rescind them, the judge said, acknowledging that previous U.S. presidents have also used executive authority. 

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