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On "Hannity" tonight, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said that if he's elected, he will repeal President Obama's planned executive action to expand background checks for gun buyers.

Trump explained to Sean Hannity that he's a big supporter of the Second Amendment and doesn't believe that we should be messing with it.

He added that if Obama is dead set on changing gun laws, he must do it through Congress and not executive action.

"What's happening is the government is being run much differently than our founders had in mind," Trump said. "This is the Second Amendment. This is a very important thing to people ... It's unbelievable what's happening."

Hannity asked Trump if he thinks Obama was emboldened after taking executive action on immigration reform.

"The Republicans did not stop him. He's getting away with murder," Trump stated, pointing out that the GOP failed to stop not just to Obama's immigration plan, but also his new budget bill.

"He got everything he wanted. We got nothing."

Watch the interview above.

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