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UPDATE, 7:15pm ET: Jennifer Griffin reported "On The Record" that a quick reaction force has evacuated the two Americans who were wounded and the one who was killed at a compound near Marjah in Helmand Province in Afghanistan.

She said the crew of the disabled helicopter were also evacuated, but the rest of the U.S. special operators remained in the compound to secure the helicopter. She said they remain surrounded by enemy forces.

Griffin said that a senior defense official described the scene inside the compound as "harrowing."

UPDATE, 6:05pm ET: Jennifer Griffin reported that more than a dozen U.S. special operators and a rescue helicopter flight crew are still surrounded by what appear to be emboldened Taliban fighters.

Griffin said they have been holed up in a compound for hours. She said that an AC-130 aircraft has been called in to provide cover until another rescue attempt can be mounted at daybreak.

UPDATE, 2:15pm ET: Jennifer Griffin reported that it remains unclear whether the helicopter and the soldiers have been evacuated from the battle site.

One American service member was killed and two wounded in a gun battle in southern Afghanistan, Jennifer Griffin reported from the Pentagon this morning on "America's Newsroom." 

Griffin said the casualties occurred among a U.S. Special Operations team that came under fire.

A rescue helicopter was then targeted by Taliban fighters with mortars, wounding one service member inside. 

She said the helicopter is now grounded, and rescue efforts are underway.

The attack occurred near Marjah in Helmand Province, an area known for opium production which fuels the Taliban insurgency.

Griffin said the Taliban has been resurgent in the area and fighting tough battles against Afghan troops in recent months. 

Griffin said that al Qaeda has been resurgent in the country, with ISIS also establishing a presence.

There are still 9,800 American troops in Afghanistan, with the Pentagon recommending that force level be maintained.

Watch the report above. This is a developing story, stay tuned for further updates.