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President Obama's executive action on gun control isn't just unconstitutional, it's "trivial" and "absurd," Charles Krauthammer said on "Special Report" tonight.

Krauthammer explained that this is a minor change that will not have any effect, while there are many more pressing issues that the president of the United States should be focused on.

"There's so much else going on in the country, going on around the world. You got to ask yourself, 'This is it? This is what he's spending a week on during the middle of a meltdown in the Middle East, terrorism all over the world, shutdown of capitals in Europe, attacks here in the United States?'" Krauthammer said.

He asserted that Obama's misplaced priorities are why the country is on-edge.

"We have a president who's not asleep at the wheel, he's not at the wheel at all. He's somewhere else."

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