Obama Wipes Away Tears During Address on Gun Control Actions

Freed Gitmo Prisoner Is Now Chief ISIS Recruiter

The Obama administration is releasing from Guantanamo Bay a group of detainees who were classified by the Bush administration as "significant terrorists," Catherine Herridge reported today on "Happening Now."

Al Qaeda followers are among the group of 17 who are scheduled for transfer as early as this week, Herridge said.

The administration, however, won't say who the detainees are until the men are transferred to another country.  

Herridge said that officials believe the transfers could be derailed if word gets out about the detainees' identities.

The White House has touted an improved vetting system compared to the Bush administration, but Herridge noted that one 2012 transfer from Gitmo has become a "source of considerable heartburn."

Ibrahim al Qosi was once the cook of Usama bin Laden and is now a leader of Al Qaeda's most dangerous affiliate in Yemen, which was blamed for last year's Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris.

Al Qosi in 2010 pled guilty to charges of conspiracy and providing material support to Al Qaeda. He was transferred to his home country of Sudan after two years of cooperating with prosecutors.

After the the latest transfers, the number of detainees at Guantanamo Bay will be below 100.

Watch Catherine's report above.

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